Agents from different boxes…

So today was interesting.  I spent the morning riding around in a 15 passenger van with other agents on a property tour.  You couldn’t have found 6 more different people than if you would have been at a Chinese restaurant on Christmas Day!  How it works is like this; usually a business, or in this case 3 businesses, sponsor or put together a little tour of the actives in a certain area.  It’s pretty unique because it gives agents some much-needed feedback for properties that are just sitting and also lets them see other properties in their area.  On the flip side it’s good advertising for the individual(s) that put the property tour together.  They rub elbows with some agents and get to plug their business.  It’s pretty much a win-win deal.

I’d never done one of these tours so I decided that today was the day!  I sent in my email and got on the schedule.  Scheduled the assistant, AKA dear hubby to handle kid duty, and off I went this morning.  I drove by my property first thing this morning to be sure that everything was in order…I was a little nervous about it all.  I wanted to be sure I put my best foot forward with my peers and be able to get some good feedback to give to my sellers.  So I drive up to my property which is supposed to be vacant and see my owners car in the driveway and all the blinds pulled….Not good!  I immediately panic.  It’s 8 in the morning….far too earlier to be banging on the door and ordering people about and out of their beds and houses so I can bring 6 strangers through their house.  I get out of my car and start trying to look through the windows, which of course doesn’t work because all the blinds are shut tight.  Now I’m wondering if the police are going to show up because the neighborhood watch group thinks I’m casing the place.  I start thinking, “Maybe I should just cancel my property from the tour today.” After all a cranky home owner and client is never a good thing.  Plus starting my day being fingerprinted and my mug shot taken isn’t sounding good.  Then I get a brilliant idea to call her son and daughter in law that I know are up and working.  Her son answers the phone and I launch into my tirade about how the house was supposed to be vacant and how I have 6 people planning on showing up in about 45 minutes, he pauses for a moment…..and say’s, “You mean the car that’s been in the driveway for the past month??”  What?? I am seriously loosing my mind! Oh yes, it had been there the whole time.  He had closed the blinds the last time he came by but yes, the car had always been there.  Nice impression to leave with your clients.

Ok so after looking like an idiot, check that off the to-do list, I head to the agreed upon meeting place for the tour.  After all the agents get there they feed us breakfast (nice!) and we hop in the van.  It’s at this point that I have cooled my embarrassment enough to look around at the people I am with.  Serious melting pot of people.  You have the mini van mom with three kids who has a perchance for sarcastic humor, the high-profile agent I must say I was most intimated by but who was incredibly kind. Next came the Asian ex-military-turned agent (go figure!) who oozed sweetness and the little Hispanic woman who looked like someones tia.  You could just picture in a kitchen somewhere surrounded by kids making homemade sopapillas or Empanadas or whatever!  Then came the salesman/agent from a condo community that I half expected the words, “but wait!  That’s not all!  If you buy now…”  to come out of his mouth.  And finally the career agent who was so smooth and polished I believe she could sell a quanset hut to an Eskimo! It was an interesting mix to say the least but what a great group of individuals!  They were all so positive and helpful and you just knew their desire was to truly help their clients.

And it really hit me then as I drove off into the sunset (or late morning light) with this group that agents are not cookie cutters.  Thankfully!  We are as diverse as the clients we serve.  So I guess I say all of that to say it is so important to find the right agent for YOU!  We are not all the same and it truly is about building a relationship.  Buying or selling a home is probably the largest purchase you will ever make.  It is without a doubt the most important decision you will make, outside of choosing a spouse.  You should have complete confidence in that person who is leading and guiding you through the process.  And whether you are the type that needs the ultra confident personality or just want to discuss your investment over a good cup of coffee and homemade pastry, you’ll find it!  Interview them until you find the right one for you.  There are some great agents out there…don’t try to put all agents in the same box!

Now….who wants some coffee??


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One response to “Agents from different boxes…

  • Jayne Grote

    I love your sense of humor! Sounds like you had a very interesting morning, but an epiphanizing one. (Yes, I just made up that word.) So, I’m waiting…did the agents like your client’s house?

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